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Keen Innovations rolls out Adoption Chronicles™. A product service which is revolutionizing the adoption world by creating a global portal through which children awaiting adoption and families wanting to adopt are given the opportunity to present themselves and discover each other.

The Keen Innovations team is traveling to San Francisco to work with the Seneca Center, a community based agency that helps children and families through their most difficult times.

Keen producing a commercial for Schneider Stone…Watch for it on Time-Warner Cable!

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SchoolKid Chronicles Spotlight SchoolKid Chronicles is an innovative program designed to chronicle, preserve and protect our children using digital videography. We provide each student with personalized footage of his or her interactive interview on DVD.
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Welcome! Keen Innovations is an award-winning video production company with strong collaborative partnerships that together create a one-stop solution for modern marketing with visual impact. We also have developed a set of unique video documentary product services, including SchoolKid Chronicles™, Adoption Chronicles™, and Legacy Chronicles™, with value focused on love, safety, and education.